Our philosophy

A powerful weapon for winning over any audience is speaking and writing well the language of the person who is reading or listening to us. It generates empathy for the person putting the message across and for the message itself. This unconscious, positive receptivity becomes an excellent starting point for a successful partnership.

A strategy designed to create the right image requires know-how. Since crossing any language barrier is a cultural journey, it also involves art and ingenuity.

The image of the client is at stake in any piece of editing or translation. So one cannot go to too much trouble to get it right.

Precision is an essential technical requirement.

This begins with an absolute understanding of what it is one wants to say, involves finding the right type of communication for a foreign audience. Along the way, it also requires the right kind of writing, whatever the language.

Here is a summary of our working philosophy:

Native language plus refined technique = full communication

The key to success is teamwork. At every stage, the job is done by pairs of professionals whose native languages are those of the original text and that of the audience to be reached.

As the saying goes, better to teach people to fish than give them fish. So we went one step further, by also offering our clients a tool which allows them to control the quality of the translation product today and tomorrow.

This is a pioneering service, developed through our own method: assessing communications and monitoring performance in a foreign language.