Maria Helena Passos is editor-in-chief of Papier Produções e Editora and coordinator of Papier Brasil. She was a reporter and editor for the Brazilian magazines Veja, Istoé, Carta Capital, Conjuntura Econômica and Bovespa, for the newspapers O Globo, Folha de S.Paulo and Gazeta Mercantil, and a senior producer on TV Globo in Brazil. She was also editor of economy and finance on the tri-lingual weekly newspaper, Gazeta Mercantil Latinoamericana. She was also part of the group Journalistes en Europe of the Centre de Formation et Perfectionnement des Journalistes, in Paris, France, where she has been part of writing and editing teams for the trilingual magazine Europe. She has also written for the Brazilian press from Europe, Asia and the United States, and has broadcast from various countries for the Portuguese and Spanish services of the European radio stations France International, Nederland Wereldomroep and the BBC. In Berlin, Germany, she studied writing about economics at the Internationales Institut fur Journalismus. With her colleague, Paulo Henrique Amorim, she co-wrote the reportage-book Plim plim, A peleja de Brizola contra a fraude eleitoral, published in Brazil (Conrad, 2005). She translates from English, French and Spanish into Portuguese.

Silvia Aquino since 2012 she has been a partner at Papier Produções e Editora. She has a BA in Social Sciences from the Universidade de São Paulo, and diverse experience within the Market research field, both in qualitative and quantitative projects, attending mainly large international and local corporations. In the last 10 years her main clients were marketing research agencies, like Ibope (Brazil), GFK (Brazil), Ipsos (Brazil), Beyond Research (Italy), The Futures Company (Argentina).
This background in the marketing research industry and translation and interpretation courses at Associação Alumni and Daniel Brilhante allowed her to enter in the field of translation, in the pair English-Portuguese , and proofreading in Portuguese, both for marketing research and academic texts.



  • Former correspondent with Thomson Reuters in Montevideo, Patricia Avila is an Uruguayan journalist who now edits the international news agency's online Spanish service, where she writes about politics, economics, sports and culture. She did a degree in communications science at the Universidad de la República, in Uruguay, and specializes in editing in English, and translating from English into her native Spanish.

  • The North American journalist Lucy Conger is a communications consultant in micro-finance and socio-economic development. She took a degree in history at the University of Pennsylvania and a Master's in international relations at George Washington University, where she specialized in emerging markets. She has written about these subjects as well as about business for the Brazilian, British and American press, from Brazil, Mexico and Peru. She edits texts in English and does translations into the same language from Spanish and Portuguese. She is co-author of the book El Árbol de la Mostaza: Historia de las Microfinanzas en Perú (Universidad de San Martín de Porres, 2009).

  • The Brazilian journalist Mirian Paglia Costa is a music and law graduate who runs the Cultura publishing house. Previously she worked at the Brazilian magazines Veja and Visão, and at the newspapers O Estado de S.Paulo and Jornal da Tarde. She is publisher, editor-in-chief and contributing editor of the Brazilian magazine Defesa Latina. Paglia Costa writes and revises texts in Portuguese, and translates into that language from Spanish, French and English. She was responsible for the revision of, and helped with linguistic localization work on the book Palácio da Alvorada, which was published in four languages a project carried out by Papier Brasil. Among others, she translated the book Obvious Adams by Robert R. Updergraff (Cultura, 1996) into Portuguese.

  • Stephen Cviic did an English degree at Oxford University, and was subsequently a BBC journalist for 14 years, including three (1997-2000) as the correspondent in São Paulo, Brazil. He was also one of the first correspondents live on air from Washington during the attacks of September,11 2001. He now works as a translator of Portuguese and Spanish into either British or North American English. He has done the first translations into English of extracts from books by some of the most distinguished Brazilian authors such as Monteiro Lobato.

  • Djamila Delacth was born in Cape Verde, and earned a degree from marketing and publicity at the Escola Superior de Comunicação, in Lisbon. Also in Portugal, she has worked in the marketing of cinema and video, the promotion and production of events, theatre, advertising and television. As an editor, she is responsible for adapting texts to the Portuguese spoken in Europe and Africa.

  • Damian Kraus, from Argentina, edited the Spanish version of the economic weekly Gazeta Mercantil Latino-americana, in Brazil. He is now responsible for the Spanish language version of the Brazilian online academic research magazine Pesquisa FAPESP. He has a degree in psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and obtained his doctorate at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo. His translations from Spanish into Portuguese include texts about science and the arts, as well as a book about public health, Sujeitos, saberes e estruturas, by Eduardo L. Menéndez, published in Brazil (Hucitec, 2009).

  • Karin Knöbelspies is a German journalist and media consultant based in Cologne, with her company Medienbüro Knöbelspies. In Brazil, she spent several years writing for the press in her native country. She has a degree in communications from the Universität Dortmund, where she lectured in journalism. She worked for the German public TV company WDR and is chair of the association of twin-cities Rio de Janeiro and Cologne.

  • Thierry Ogier is a French journalist and political scientist with degrees from the Institut d'Études Politiques in Grenoble, and the École Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille, France. He specializes in translations on economic affairs from Portuguese into English and French. He has worked for the BBC in London and in West Africa. In Brazil, he is correspondent for the French newspaper Les Échos. He also writes about economic issues for the Economist Intelligence Unit and for the magazine Emerging Markets, a publication of the UK media group, Euromoney Institutional Investor.

  • Paige R. Penland is a North American writer of books about tourism, and has published works about her travels to Mexico and Central America. She is also a consultant for the editing of communications texts in English.

  • Ann Puntch has been in Brazil since 1993. She translates Spanish and Portuguese texts on art, social projects, business, education, health, legal affairs, IT and production engineering, as well as architecture and urban planning, into North American English. Born in Texas, she is a psychologist and social scientist who was educated in the United States, where she also lives for part of the year.

  • A business journalist since 1988, Oscar Vilas is editor of the website of the Uruguayan newspaper El País. He was bureau chief of the Brazilian weekly Gazeta Mercantil Latino-americana in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born in Montevideo, this journalist graduate from the Universidad Técnica del Uruguay has been translating economic texts from Portuguese into Spanish since 2008.